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On or about April 15 I ordered a sheet music caddy from Harmony Online. My MasterCard was charged $599 on April 15.

About May 2, when I had not received the product nor any notification that it had

been shipped, I called their 800 number and actually got a live person (this was to prove to be VERY unusual). I was told that the product would ship on Monday, May 5.

About May 19 I called again and after several attempts got a live person and was told that this delay was unacceptable; that they would issue a 10% discount (never appeared) and that the product would be shipped.

About May 30 I got Marianne (who I understand is one of the owners) on the phone. She told me that the problem would be resolved within a week.

On June 16, they responded to an email saying that the product would be shipped that week. In the two weeks that followed I made multiple attempts to contact them both by email and voice mail.

They rarely answer their phone; sometimes their voice mail is full; have never responded to a voice mail by calling me back and rarely (only twice) have responded to email.

On June 30 I received an email from they saying that they were cancelling the order and would refund the full amount and that the credit would appear on my credit card in 5-7 business days. It is now (July 22) 16 business days later and the credit has not appeared on my credit card (which I track online).

I have emailed them every day and left at least one voice mail message every day. They have now had my money for more than 3 months. I recommend that no one buy anyone from the company.

I have submitted a complaint to the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau but do not have much hope with that.

I am mad!

Review about: Sheet Music Caddy.



I ordered a tuner on 1-20-2010 and never received the product (with 3day shipping option)I was charged $96.50 and never receive the credit for it.I am still fighting to get my money.Fraud!!!


I ordered 4 harmonicas for my wedding- groomsmans' gifts.After 2 weeks, I noticed my card had not been charged..

I tracked my order and the status was "pending"- after 2 weeks! So I sent an email to the link provided telling them to cancel my order since it has been 2 weeks and they haven't even processed the order yet. I then ordered from J&R. My wedding was October 24, 2009.

Now I see where they have charged my card on NOVEMBER 13, over a month after I cancelled their services. Now I can not figure out how to contact them. The number provided goes straight to some unprofessional voicemail box.

I tried to dispute it with my credit company but they say i have to wait 15 more days.I look everything up before i purchase and I NEVER saw any of these reviews!!!!


Boy do I wish I had seen the above! Same problem, out 600 bucks - no product, no live person! ANy luck in resolving or prosecuting?


Here are additional details for locating this company for future prosecution:

Proprietor: Marianne Oleson

Harmony Online is a Division of eBusiness, Inc.

Registered email address: harmonyonline@sbcglobal.net


On July 15, I purchased a stool bench pad. After one week passed without delivery, I thought that I did not receive the product because Harmony Online forgot to charge me for shipping. After 11 days of leaving unreturned voicemails and sending emails, I decided to research the company and report them to Visa for potential fraud. I have been advised to order a new Credit Card to safeguard my identity.

Here are the contact details that I have been able to locate:

Harmony Online

2211 Oregon Street

Suite G

Oshkosh WI

US 54904-9167

920-527-9527 (music & voicemail)

920-688-3080 (busy signal)

920-426-4708 (disconnected, previously international inbound)

920-688-3082 (fax)

800-639-0552 (usually busy, sometimes voicemail)


This company has not shipped merchandise (a briefcase) in 2 weeks.Credit card charged date order placed.

6 phone messages and 3 emails have brought no response.

Will notify BBB.I suggest not doing business with this company.

:( :cry :upset


help, i placed an order with these jerks..they billed me and they have not contacted me nor can i contact them, what do i do next?


I have had the same problem...now for 3 weeks.

They return non of my emails, calls, nothing! But they did charge my card for the full amount, but have not shipped anything.

I will bring them down.They messed with the wrong guy :)

Internet fraud, scam, dishonest = harmonyonline, harmony online, harmonyonline.com


Same problem, they took my money and did not get what I paid for.they do not return calls or e-mails.

I really think they are living up to there name. Harm many online.

Do not order from this company unless you want to pay money for no prouduct.I'm reporting them to my Attourney Generals office for fraud

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